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Inside the eHawk 1500

inside the eHawk 1500

The eHawk is about ready to maiden. Inside the fuse I have a JR RS70 receiver velcroed to the side of the fuse, a HobbyKing 15-18A ESC to the other side and a Turnigy 1200mAh 3S Lipo in the middle with velcro on the bottom. I haven't checked the CG yet but it looks like I should be able to move the battery back and forth pretty easily. The trusty old Futaba FF7 36Mhz transmitter will provide control. I included pics of the Futaba Tx and JR Rx just because some people don't know that the two brands will happily work together. Why did I buy the JR Rx if I was using the Futaba Tx? Probably because the Futaba Rxs were too expensive (not that the JR was chickenfeed either).

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