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ZMR250 Build – Part 4 – FC Firmware Flash

In this video I hook up the SP F3 Flight Controller to update the firmware via the Cleanflight Configurator app. Even though I've done this a heap of times I still manage to make mistakes doing the firmware flash. Some of the mistakes include;

  1. Wrong settings in the app.
  2. I'm so used to flashing my Naze32 rev5/6 boards, I uploaded the wrong Betaflight firmware (now I'm using the SP F3 FC).
  3. Leaving the "flash on connect" setting active in the configurator without realising it and interrupting a firmware update before it finished.

I remember reading somewhere that "you can't brick these boards" because the bootloader is stored in ROM. Just short the boot pins and flash again. Lucky for me the boards are resilient in this way as I've had to use the bootloader pins a number of times.

I never did get the 4way BLHeli firmware update to work via the FC board so in the end I gave up on that option and looked at updating the ESCs with a direct connection to the board. More on that in the next video.

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