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ZMR250 v2 Build – Part 10 – MW OSD Artificial Horizon Reverse

The Problem:

The default settings in the MW OSD on my configuration resulted in the artificial horizon on the roll axis being reversed.

The Solution:

Edit two settings in the MW OSD firmware.

In config.h, uncomment "REVERSEAHI" as below;

#define REVERSEAHI                // Reverse pitch / roll direction of AHI - for DJI / Eastern bloc OSD users

In screen.ino, I used these settings;

#if defined REVERSEAHI




Character Set Update – MinimOSD

The problem:

The on screen display (OSD) characters from the Hobbyking Minim OSD v1.1 appear garbled.

video and at seven minutes in he explains that both sides of the board need to be powered for the character update to work. I was thinking "what the hell, how is this not stated on the instructions page!"  Actually it is, right here in black and white. The point is, if your Minim OSD lights don't look like the picture below, the character set update probably ain't going to work.

minim OSD ready for character set update

minim OSD ready for character set update