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Aerial Mapping with a GoPro, APM 2.5 & FX-61

The Problem:

Google Map resolution isn't good enough.

The Solution:

Fit a downward facing GoPro camera to Phantom Fx-61 Flying wing, fly circuits with the GoPro taking still images photos every two seconds or so, post process in AgiSoft PhotoScan.

The advantage of creating a map stitched together from still photos as a 3D model means it can be rotated and viewed from any angle. The example below was created from a very quick flight and not even with a pre-programmed flight path. I mostly just flew manual circuits so credit due to the powerful software processing.



Aerial Map


Aerial Map from an angle


This image shows a zoomed in section of this map using Google Earth viewer. The low resolution makes it difficult to make out the details.

Google Earth sample



The same section but from the custom made map shows a lot more detail.

Custom Aerial Map zoomed in


The Equipment:

FX-61 Wing FX-61 Wing Internals

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