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Orangerx, OpenLRSng, Naze32 – PPM input

The Problem:

I need to activate PPM input to the Naze32 board from the Orangerx UHF running OpenLRSng. PPM input is needed so I can use RC5 pin to control some WS2812 addressable LEDs.


The solution process:

In the Cleanflight configurator, enable RX_PPM. Connect the receiver Port 6 output to the RC input pin 1 of the Naze32 board. The problem is when I do that, and switch on the transmitter (ie the PPM stream is presented to the Naze32 input), the Naze 32 seems to lag horribly. Connecting it to the configurator takes ages for the screen to refresh.

I found disabling Telemetry in the openLRSng options for the orangerx Tx module seemed to fix the problem of the Naze32 board lagging. Now I can use the RC5 pin on the Naze32 board to control the addressable LEDs (WS2812).

The only remaining issue is that appears after arming once, then disarming, I can't re-arm with completely removing power from the Naze32.




Update OpenLRSng to FW 3.8

Problem: Trying to update the OpenLRSng firmware to version 3.8 failed to due error message "PSP Command Not recognised" after trying to connect the USB to serial adapter to the Tx module

Solution: Flashed the Tx module with the bootloader via the Arduino IDE and USBasp. On doing this I was getting another error message "AVRDUDE: Warning: cannot set SCK period". After trying driver / firmware updates to the USBasp and not being able to solve this error message, i found it didn't really matter after trying a firmware update to 3.8 and it worked anyway!

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