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Buller 2009

Buller 2009, originally uploaded by mattmc.

Saturday was my first daytrip to Buller for the 2009 winter season. Tom and I made the trip up leaving Mt Ev about 6:15am.

Burnt Hut was icy and patchy on some of the side trails. We moved to "whiter pastures" around Emirates chair and found excellent snow. On the south side of the mountain (Wombat, LBS, Standard) the snow was excellent. I haven't seen it very often at Buller but the snow was like sugar, nice and dry.

Pick of the day would have to be "Standard" we we saw a nuff nuff take his board off and let go of it so it slid, out of control, down the run. Luckily someone saw it coming and literally dived on it to stop it.

All up, excellent day out.

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4WD to Crows Hut

4WD to Crows Hut, originally uploaded by mattmc.

Well the photos are up on Flickr of our adventure to Crows Hut and the video is currently uploading to YouTube. Check em out.

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Tom on Skis!!

Buller_July_2008 (8), originally uploaded by mattmc.

Second day trip for the season. While quite a few holes had opened up with the warmer weather this week, there was still plenty of snow to have fun on.
Tom strapped on skis (usually on a board) and went back to school. I'd like to think under my expert tuition, he excelled in picking up skiing. The last run of the day saw us down Cattlemens Trail, ended up on a black run and I thought Tom was going to spit the dummy after a few falls.
We made it to the bottom, back up via a t-bar and called it a day. Last chair via Horsehill to the car park and of to Mansfield pub for a parma. Does it get any better?

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First Ski Trip Of The Season 2008!

Buller_July_2008 (6), originally uploaded by mattmc.

Buller has about 50cm and was enough to open up most of the mountain.
Good first run of the season. Got around alot of the mountain. Tried out the new six seater "Holden Express" chairlift. looking forward to plenty more.
Bit tired now - up at 5, three hour drive, ski from 9am till 4:30pm, dinner in Mansfield and home by 9pm. Long day!

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Amber Lodge – Mt Buller

102-0205_IMG, originally uploaded by mattmc.

With Winter weather conditions on the way - wonder if we'll see a season like this again. Here's hoping so!

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First trip to Buller – 2007

mt_buller_2007 005, originally uploaded by mattmc.

I can't remember the last time I got to ski in June. I headed up to Buller with Dave, Nat and Sean and for 3 weeks into the season the snow cover was pretty good. Couldn't have asked for better weather (6° and sunny without a breath of wind).
No runs on the North side were open but there was plenty to keep us busy for the day including Standard, Howqua, Summit and so on.

Pick of the day would have to be Standard run. Good cover softened up with the sun and very small / quick queues.

Lift tickets are up to $92 a day. Not long now till they reach the magical hundred dollars a day. Hopefully when we see those prices we'll also see some combo deals. Maybe lift pass and lunch or parking... I dunno.

All in all a very good start to the season with no injuries to report.

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Hasta La Vista El Nino?

A La Ni�a in 2007?
The chance of a La Ni�a developing in 2007 is thought to be higher than the long-term average (which is about one in five or 20%) because (a) they have a tendency to follow an El Ni�o; (b) the El Ni�o has decayed somewhat earlier than normal thereby giving time for a La Ni�a to begin developing during the critical March to June period; and (c) a large pool of cold sub-surface water remains in the central to eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and is starting to affect surface temperatures in the region. La Ni�a events are generally associated with wetter than normal conditions across much of the eastern half of the country from about autumn. Computer models generally indicate further cooling in the Pacific Ocean.
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Graph of 30-day Southern Oscillation Index values from 2003.
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