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DJI Naza GPS X,Y,Z co-ordinates

The shots below show my settings in the DJI Naza Assistant software for the X, Y & Z co-ordinates and what that translates to on the Quad. The first time I flew with the GPS, I didn't bother to set any parameters and GPS mode wasn't very good. As soon as I activated it, the quad would bank left and drift quickly until I re-engaged attitude mode. 

I made three changes before the next flight. 1. Mount the GPS on the stick provided,  2. Point the arrow on the GPS towards the front and 3. Enter the co-ordinates in the software configuration. After another test flight, the GPS holds position pretty well. What I don't know is what had the most effect (the mount, direction or co-ordinates). I'm hoping it's the co-ordinates in the software because I'd prefer not to use the stick mount because it makes it bulkier to pack and more prone to damage on a hard landing. I think I'll try going back to double sided foam tape and mount it directly to an arm.

The pictures below show these settings X = -4cm, Y=4cm and Z=-9cm and what they look like in the real world.


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  1. MUCHAS GRACIAS thanks a lot i have understand how to setup the gps on the software you are great, cant wait to receive my lipos and my gopro2 to start having fun, do you know where to buy the gimbal not so expensive? cause my wife is angry for all the money i have spent but still want to buy gimbal as well as fpv like tx,googles,cable to connect gopro to tx and also would like to buy a plane to get more flying time and longer distance, by the way how far can do you get your f450 with your receiver?

  2. No problem. By the way there was a typo in the original photo. It said "X= 4cm" where it should be "X=-4cm". I've updated the picture but you may have to force a refresh before you see the change.

    I haven't explored the gimbal option yet. I'm in the middle of getting setup for FPV. I bought Fatshark Goggles and Eagletree OSD, logger and groundstation from Hobbyking and I bought the video transmitter, receivers and antennas from

    Range of my receiver – like I always say, further than I can comfortably see a model.

  3. Hi i just did my very firs flight and its amazing but as soon as i started flying i started to get the red light of battery low and i left it charging at 0.1 amp, i bought a 3000mah turnigy 3a lipo and i charged it with a eco six charger but after i charged it it read 11.1v ill try to read about it to charge them correctl, im also thinking on gettin the fpv on that same webpage im thinking the 5.8 600mw with fatshark and a video cable for gopro hero2 

  4. I'd be charging that battery at 1C or 3A . At 0.1A you're probably timing out before the charge is complete. A fully charged 3S battery should be much higher than 11.1V (, more like 12.6V for 100% charge.

    Assuming though that you do start a flight with a fully charged battery, with the light turning red really early in the flight, I think you'll find the Naza Assistant software inserts some default values for voltage (depending on the battery type you choose, 3S or 4S). For a 3S battery, I think it would default to 11.1V onloaded voltage. If you don't insert any value for "Loss", then soon after you start flying, the 'loaded voltage' will drop below 11.1V and start warning you of a low voltage. 

    After measuring my voltage throughout an entire flight via the Eagletree logger, I set my voltages as per

    btw – I've got some FPV gear on the way too. It's based around a 1.3GHz 1000mW Lawmate transmitter, diversity receive and Fat Shark Dominator goggles.

  5. Hi just wanted to link you to a video i did yesterday thanks a lot for all the help, now i want to buy a landing gear with gimbal and i liked the x468  i contact the seller and ill be around 220 usd to get it here incluiding servos as i want it RTF because heres a lot difficult to get anything from rc, well if you can point me in another direction for a gimbal ill apreciate, ok heres the link to my video. 

  6. thank for knowlage

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