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ZMR250 v2 Build – Part 9 – ZMR250 PDB connections

In this video I go through the ZMR250 PDB and what connects to where. Oscar's site ( is a great resource for figuring this out with some great diagrams.


ZMR250 v2 Build – Part 8 – FC Power Connection

Initially I hooked up power to the Flight Controller from the 'BEC' and 'GND' pins next to the FC but this didn't work..... the reason..... the BEC pin is designed to take 5V from the ESC BEC which of course I don't have because I'm using the LittleBee 20A ESCs which don't have a BEC.

The alternative is to use the 5V regulator built into the PDB. Oscar Liang's web page has some excellent diagrams showing the layout and connections of the ZMR250 v2 PDB.

ZMR250 V2 Build Log – Mini Quad with PDB

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ZMR250 Build – Part 6 – Little Bee ESCs

The EMAX 12A ESCs don't support damped light so I ordered four LittleBee 20A ESCs. This video shows a quick comparison between the two ESCs and the effect of active braking.


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ZMR250 Build – Part 2 – Power & ESC Check

In this video I hook up power to the fpvmodel PDB and to the EMAX 12A ESC. I'm trying to decide whether to solder the Sunnysky motors directly to the ESC or to the ESC leads. Removing the heatshrink from the ESC shows what looked like dodgy solder job touching the pins of the ICs. I wondered if they were going to work at all. After hooking up power and successfully testing them, I decided to use the ESC leads to connect to the motors for two reasons;

  1. Unlike other ESCs that have the three points at the end of the ESC to connect to the motor wires, these EMAX 12A ESCs have them along the middle of the board which means the wires would be staggered (different lengths).
  2. The connections are inbetween ICs and some of them make contact with the legs of the ICs. I don't want to break the connections with a messy soldering job.

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